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NOTICE: Its been a while since the last update, and while I have worked on many things. Development has slowed. I currently live in Lebanon and with all things going on here, I'm much more time constrained and haven't been able to work as much is I wanted on this game. So updates will come but extremely slowly. 

STEAMVR required. I'm still planning on adding to this, more spells, more puzzles, and maybe even a dueling game. And if I ever find out how to reduce motion sickness a lot, then Quidditch!

Join the discord: https://discord.gg/pJjppN2szm

v1.3a Notes: POTIONS, try out the new potion making feature. The potions don't currently do anything but will soon. There are 2 recipes currently. The first one is:

Add Potato - Use Incendio on cauldron - add thyme(green one) - add salt

try to find the second one out by trying different ones. if you make a mistake, you can start over by using Aguamenti on the Cauldron to reset the potion.

Use voice controlled spells to navigate through 2 puzzles, a simple classroom cleanup, and a maze! Or just have fun in the main hall.

Current spells available:

  • Alohamora
  • Wingardium Leviosa
  • Lumos
  • Nox
  • Bombarda
  • Engorgio
  • Reducio
  • Finite
  • Protego
  • Incendio
  • Glacius(potion specific for now)
  • Aguamenti(potion specific for now)

Let me know if you encounter any issues, I'd be more than willing to help.

UPDATE: Test version build 1.3.1a comes with new Smooth Locomotion. Click the settings button to switch between smooth or teleport.

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Harry Potter VR v1.3ALPHA.zip 125 MB
Harry Potter VR v1.3.1aUNSTABLE_VERSION.zip 55 MB

Install instructions

Download, extract, then run 'Harry Potter Vr.exe'

Development log


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This Game Was Really Fun To Play And I Cant Wait For More Updates!! 

any news on when the new update is getting released?

I put a notice in the description at the top. Free time has been hard to come by sadly :/

There is a bug: When i use "Wingardium Leviosa" and moving the object im lifting is behind the wand and not in the front of the wand.

When i play VR games i like to move around with my oculus thumpstick so can you add that movement instead of teleporting :D

Spells i wish you will add: Lumos Maxima, Expecto Patronum, or Accio  and if there is comming multiplayer to the game i hope you will and the spell: Expelliarmus or Avada Kedavra.

Hey, Lumos Maxima and Accio are definitely planned. Expecto Patronum is possible but no current plans.

Will the game get multiplayer?

Sorry currently not thinking about adding multiplayer

Hey, was just reading the comments and was wondering how the development is coming. All of my friends who enjoy Harry Potter loved this game and can’t wait for more!

Hi, I started working on a few new things but sadly slowly. I really don't know when development will pick but there quite a few things I want to do with this game. One them is considering whether to revamp the movement and give customization. Otherwise I have ideas for new features that I already started work on but there's no ETA. 

The game works perfectly for me, only thing is incendio doesn’t work 

Hey sorry it took a while to respond, I got really busy yesterday. Glad to know it's working now.

Incendio is cast on the torches on the wall in the maze, the aiming may be a bit tricky though

Alright I will try later. I was wondering if you were planning on making this a bigger game because I know a lot of people would love a full blown Harry Potter game. 

oh and also it says navigate through 2 puzzles, but where are the puzzles? I only see the classroom clean up and maze 


I do plan on making it a bigger game, but I've been starved for time with work and all. I'm hoping to pick up development in July.

I'm using a windows mixed reality headset and I can't move or perform spells, all i can do is select a level in the great hall and snap turn

Concerning the teleoprt, it's touch pad up click on WMR, if it's not working could you check the Steam VR controller bindings? 

Concerning the spells, make sure your microphone is selected in your Windows settings and make sure the game window is focused

Also, I cant move...

Can you give me your device details, and what controllers you're using? Also have you tried changing Steam VR's controls?

I didn't try changing the controls, but I was using Quest 2 controllers and Quest 2. It wouldn't let me change the controls and when I looked, it said there were no bindings. I couldn't tell if this was a visual glitch or not though.

Alright I think I know the issue, but I'm not at home rn. So it's gotta wait till tonight or tomorrow. 

Ok, thanks a lot!

Hey, I wanted to ask. Are you using Oculus Link or Virtual desktop?

Hi, can you port this is as an apk for Quest 2? I want to try it ont the Quest / Quest 2 natively but if not all is fine. Thanks a lot!

Hi, I would love to build for the Quest but I don't currently own one. If I can borrow one from someone I know, then I'll definitely build for the Quest.

the game looks nice but i cant play it on my rift

the game starts, but my oculus touch controllers dont show up and i cant interact with the game

Hi, thanks for letting me know. I'm going to look into this and hopefully push an update in the next couple of days. 

Hi there, I updated hopefully it works. I can't test on my own since I don't have an oculus device

Hey, thank you very much.

The game works fine and it was fun to play

Keep up the good work👍🏻

Glad to know to worked! 

Hopefully soon I'll get the time to add more content